Brakes & Electrical

Car Lights & Brake Repairs in Elkhart, IN

Car Lights & Brake Repairs in Elkhart, IN

Call us ASAP for brake repairs

Hagen's Auto Repair Inc specializes in diagnostics and repairs for brakes and rotors. We'll inspect the power assist, brake lines, brake pads, hydraulics and anti-lock braking system on any make or model vehicle.

You may need brake repairs if:

  • Your rotors or brake pads are worn.
  • You hear screeching or grinding when you tap the brakes.
  • Your car takes longer than usual to come to a complete stop.

No brake repair job is too big or small for our team in Elkhart, IN to handle. Call Hagen's Auto Repair today to schedule an appointment, or drive on in.

Are your car lights on the blink?

Call Hagen's Auto Repair for car light replacements. We'll check the connections and replace the bulbs as necessary so you can avoid getting pulled over or causing an accident.

Whether a bulb burned out or your lights were broken in a fender bender, we can help. We also repair wiring leading to engine management systems as well as charging and starting systems.

Order new car lights in Elkhart, IN today by calling Hagen's Auto Repair at 574-294-5206.