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Transmission Repairs & Oil Changes in Elkhart, IN

Transmission Repairs & Oil Changes in Elkhart, IN

Do you need an oil change?

Rely on Hagen's Auto Repair Inc for all your auto repair and routine service needs. We repair transmissions, engines, struts, radiators, shocks, steering and suspension. We also provide oil change, tire alignment and battery replacement services.

Don't see the service you're looking for mentioned here? Call Hagen's Auto Repair today to speak with an auto repair specialist. We'll work with you to find an affordable solution to your repair needs.

Call 574-294-5206 to schedule service in Elkhart, IN, or drive on in for an oil change.

3 signs you need transmission repairs

How can you tell if there's something wrong with your transmission? It could be time to call Hagen's Auto Repair for professional transmission repairs if:

  1. You have a hard time shifting gears
  2. Your transmission fluid looks dark or cloudy
  3. Your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid

When your transmission leaks or makes strange noises, there's no time to waste. Call Hagen's Auto Repair Inc at 574-294-5206 today to find out more about transmission repairs in Elkhart, IN.